Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Anti-Viral Abacavir Sulfate  IP / BP / USP DMF
Anti-Asthmatic Acebrophylline  IP / BP / USP DMF
Anti-Emetic Acotiamide HCL IP/ BP / USP DMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Viral Acyclovir Powder for Injection USP WHO GMP/USDMF
Anti-Arrhythmic Adenosine IP / BP / USP GMP
Anthelmintic Albendazole IP/BP/USP USDMF
Anti-Diabetic Alogliptin Benzoate IP/ BP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Enzyme Alpha Galactosidase   IP / BP / USP GMP/USDMF
Mucolytic Agents Ambroxol  HCL  IP / BP / USP WHO GMP/DMF
Anti-Depressant Amitriptyline  HCL  IP / BP / USP USDMF/CEP
Anti-Hypertensive Amlodipine Besylate  IP / BP / USP USDMF/CEP
Anti-Biotic Amoxycillin Trihydrate Compacted/Powder GMP
Anti-Fungal Amphotericin B Injection IP WHO GMP/USDMF
Anti-Biotic Ampicillin Trihydrare Compacted IP/BP/USP GMP
Anti-Coagulant Apixaban  IP / BP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Malarial Artemether  IP / BP / USP USDMF/WHO
Nutraceuticals Ascorbic acid EUGMP/WHO GMP/CEP
Nutraceuticals Ascorbic Acid Coated EUGMP/WHO GMP/CEP
Anti-Viral Atazanavir Sulfate DMF
Anti-Lipemic Atorvastatin calcium IP / BP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Hypertensive Azelnidipine  IP / BP / USP DMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Biotic Azithromycin   USP USDMF/GMP
Anti-Biotic Azithromycin for Injection USP WHO GMP/USDMF
Anti-Biotic Bacitracin Zinc WHO GMP
Skeletal Muscle Relaxant Baclofen  IP / BP / USP GMP/USDMF
Nutraceuticals Benfotiamine DMF
Anti-Hypertensive Benidipine HCL WHO GMP
Anti-vertigo Betahistine HCL  IP / BP / USP DMF/CEP
Anti-Inflammatory Betamethasone  IP / BP / USP USDMF/GMP
Nutraceuticals Calcium Ascorbate CGMP
Nutraceuticals Calcium citrate CGMP
Nutraceuticals Calcium citrate Maleate CGMP
Nutraceuticals Calcium Orotate CGMP
Anti-Diabetic Canagliflozin Hemihydrate USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Hypertensive Candesartan Cilexetil USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Convulsant Carbamazepine EUGMP/WHO GMP/CEP
Skeletal Muscle Relaxant Carisoprodol WHO CMP/KFDA
Anti-Hypertensive Carvedilol  IP / BP / USP USDMF/CEP
Anti-Biotic Cefaclor  USP USDMF/CEP/EDMF
Anti-Biotic Cefadroxil  USP USDMF
Anti-Biotic Cefazolin Sodium Sterile USDMF/EDMF
Anti-Biotic Cefdinir  IP / USP USDMF
Anti-Biotic Cefditoren Pivoxil  IP / BP / USP USDMF/EDMF
Anti-Biotic Cefepime + Arginine Sterile  USP USDMF/EDMF
Anti-Biotic Cefixime Trihydrate  USP USDMF/EDMF
Anti-Biotic Cefotaxime Sodium  USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Biotic Cefotaxime Sodium Sterile USDMF/EDMF
Anti-Biotic Cefoxitin Sodium Sterile USDMF/EDMF
Anti-Biotic Cefpirome Sulphate  USP EDMF
Anti-Biotic Cefpodoxime Proxetil  IP / USP USDMF
Anti-Biotic Cefprozil  USP WHO GMP
Anti-Biotic Cefradine  USP EDMF
Anti-Biotic Ceftazidime Pentahydrate with Sodium Carbonate for Injection USDMF/EDMF
Anti-Biotic Ceftibuten  USP EDMF
Anti-Biotic Ceftizoxime Sodium Sterile
Anti-Biotic Ceftriaxone Sodium  USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Biotic Ceftriaxone Sodium Sterile USDMF/EDMF
Anti-Biotic Cefuroxime Axetil  IP / BP / USP USDMF/CEP
Anti-Biotic Cefuroxime Sodium USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Biotic Cefuroxime Sodium Sterile USDMF/EDMF
Anti-Inflammatory Celecoxib  USP USDMP/CEP
Anti-Biotic Ceoperazone  Sodium Sterile
Anti-Biotic Cephalexin  USP USDMF/CEP/EDMF
Anti-Biotic Cephalothin  Sodium Buffered Sterile
Anti-Histamine Cetirizine USP USDMF
Diuretic Chlorothiazide  BP / USP USDMF
Anti-Histamine Chlorpheniramine Maleate  IP / BP / USP USDMF/CEP/EUGMP
Skeletal Muscle Relaxant Chlorzoxazone  IP / BP / USP WHO GMP
Anti-Biotic Ciprofloxacin  IP / BP / USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Central stimulant Citicoline Sodium EUGMP/WHO GMP/CEP
Anti-Biotic Clarithromycin  USP WHO GMP
Anti-Biotic Clarithromycin for Infusion BP WHO GMP/USDMF
Anti-Convulsant Clonazepam  USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Platelet Agent Clopidogrel Bisulphate USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Biotic Cloxacillin Sodium Compacted  IP / BP / USP GMP
Anti-Histamine Cyproheptadine HCL  USP USDMF
Anti-Diabetic Dapagliflozin Propanediol  IP / BP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Premature ejaculation Dapoxetine HCL  IP / USP DMF-O
Anti-Viral Darunavir  USP DMF
Chelating Agent Deferiprone  USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Glucocorticoid Deflazacort  IP / BP / USP WHO GMP
Anti-Histamine Des Loratadine  IP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Depressant Desvenlafaxine Succinate  USP / BP DMF
Anti-Inflammatory Dexamethasone  USP USDMF/GMP
Anti-Inflammatory Diacerein  USP DMF/CEP
Anti-Inflammatory Diclofenac Potassium  IP / BP / USP GMP/DMF
Anti-Inflammatory Diclofenac Sodium  IP / BP / USP GMP/DMF
Anti-Biotic Dicloxacillin Sodium Compacted USP GMP
Anthelmintic Diethyl Carbamazine Citrate WHO GMP
Anti-Convulsant Divalproex Sodium BP GMP
Anti-Tussive DMR/Dextromethorphan HBr WHO GMP
Anti-Viral Dolutegravir Sodium DMF
Anti-Emetic Domperidone USP DMF/CEP
Anti-Emetic Domperidone Maleate  USP DMF/CEP
Anti-Hypertensive Doxazosin Mesylate USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Asthmatic Doxofylline  IP / BP / USP DMF
Anti-Retroviral Efavirenz USP USDMF/WHO
Anti-Tuberculotic Ethambutol HCL USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Diabetic Empagliflozin USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Viral Emtricitabine USP USDMF
Anti-Bacterial Enrofloxacin  USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Mucolytic Agents Erdosteine  USP DMF
Anti-Biotic Erythromycin USP WHO GMP
Anti-Biotic Erythromycin Estolate  USP WHO GMP
Anti-Biotic Erythromycin Ethyl Succinate USP WHO GMP
Anti-Biotic Erythromycin Propionate USP WHO GMP
Anti-Depressant Escitlopram Oxalate  IP / BP / USP USDMF
Anti-Ulcer Esomeprazole Magnesium Dihydrate USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Ulcer Esomeprazole Sodium Powder for Injection WHO GMP/USDMF
Anti-Ulcer Esomeprazole Sodium Trihydrate  IP / BP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Tuberculotic Ethambutol  USP WHO GMP
Anti-Inflammatory Etodolac  IP / BP / USP GMP
Anti-Inflammatory Etoricoxib  USP USDMF
Anti-Ulcer Famotidine Ph.Eur DMF
Anti-Gout Febuxostat  IP / USP DMF
Anti-Hyperlipidemic Fenofibrate  IP / USP
Anti-Anemic agent Ferrous Ascorbate DC Grade CGMP
Anti-Anemic agent Ferrous Ascorbate Plain CGMP
Anti-Histamine Fexofenadine HCL  IP / BP / USP CGMP
Anti-Hypertensive Fimasartan Trihydrate Potassium  USP DMF/WHO GMP
Spasmolytic agent Flavoxate Hcl  IP / USP DMF
Anti-Fungal Fluconazole IP / BP / USP DMF-O/EU/CEP
Analgesic Flupirtine Maleate IP / BP / USP DMF-O
Anti-Depressant Fluvoxamine Maleate USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Duritec Frusemide IP / USP DMF
Enzyme Fungal Diastase GMP/USDMF
Anti-Convulsant Gabapentin IP / BP / USP WHO GMP/USFDA
Anti-Diabetic Gliclazide IP / BP / USP KFDA/GMP/DMF
Anti-Diabetic Glimepiride USP GMP
Expectorant Guaiphenesin IP / BP / USP GMP/DMF
Diuretic Hydrochlorothiazide  BP / USP USDMF/CEP
Adrenocorticoid Replacement Hydrocortisone  USP GMP
Anti-Malarial Hydroxy Chloroquine Sulphate  USP GMP
Anti-Inflammatory Ibuprofen  IP / BP / USP USDMF/CEP/JDMF
Anti-Hypertensive Irbesartan  IP / BP / USP USDMF
Anti-Anemic agent Iron(III) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex GMP/USDMF
Anti-Acne Isotretinoin USP WHO GMP
Anti-Emetic Itopride HCl USP DMF
Anti-Fungal Itraconazole IP / BP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Inflammatory Ketoprofen Powder for Injection WHO GMP/USDMF
Anti-Hypertensive Labetalol HCL  USP WHO GMP
Anti-Epileptic Lacosamide  USP USDMF/CEP/IDL
Anti-Biotic Lactic Acid Bacillus GMP/USDMF
Anti-Convulsant Lamotrigine  IP / BP / USP EUCEP
Anti-Ulcer Lansoprazole  BP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Convulsant Levetiracetam  IP / BP / USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Allergic Levocetirizine HCL  USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Bacterial Levofloxacin Hemihydrate  USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Psychotic Levosulpiride  BP / USP DMF/WHO GMP
Thyroid Agents Levothyroxine Sodium  USP USDMP/CEP
Anti-Diabetic Linagliptin  USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Hypertensive Lisnopril BP / USP USDMF/CEP/EDMF
Anti-Diarrheal Loperamide HCl  IP / BP / USP USDMF/CEP
Anti-Viral Lopinavir BP / USP DMF
Anti-Histamine Loratadine  IP / BP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Convulsant Lorazepam USP
Anti-Hypertensive Losartan Pottasium  IP / BP / USP USDMF/CEP
Anti-Inflammatory Loxoprofen IP / BP /USP JDMF
Anti-Fungal Luliconazole USP DMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Bacterial Marbofloxacin USP DMF
Anti-Inflammatory Mefenamic Acid USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Diabetic Metformin HCL  IP / BP / USP CGMP
Skeletal Muscle Relaxant Methocarbamol  USP GMP/DMF
Anti-Inflammatory Methyl Prednisolone  USP GMP
Nutraceuticals Methylcobalamin IP / BP / JP / USP GMP
Anti-Hypertensive Metoprolol Succinate IP / BP / USP USDMF/CEP
Anti-Inflammatory Mometasone Furoate USP GMP
Anti-Asthmatic Montelukast Sodium IP / USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Immunosuppressant Agent Mycophenolate Mofetil  USP WHO GMP
Anti-Hypertensive Nebivolol HCL  IP / USP DMF
Nutraceuticals Niacinamide WHO GMP
Anti-Bacterial Nitrofurantoin  Anhydrous  USP
Anti-Bacterial Nitrofurantoin Monohydrate USP
Anti-Biotic Norfloxacin IP / BP / USP DMF
Anti-Biotic Ofloxacin IP / BP / USP DMF
Anti-Psychotic Olanzapine USP DMF/WHO GMP/CEP
Anti-Hypertensive Olmesaran Medoxomil  USP / IP USDMF/CEP
Anti-Ulcer Omeprazole IP / BP / USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Ulcer Omeprazole for Injection WHO GMP/USDMF
Anti-Ulcer Omeprazole  Magnesium  usp USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Protozoal Ornidazole  IP / USP GMP
Anti-Viral Oseltamivir Phosphate  USP DMF
Anti-Inflammatory Oxaceprol USP WHO GMP
Anti-Convulsant Oxcarbazepine  IP / USP EUGMP/WHO GMP/CEP
Local Anesthetic Oxetacaine IP / USP CGMP
Enzyme Pancreatin IP / BP / USP GMP/USDMF
Anti-Ulcer Pantaprazole Sodium  IP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Ulcer Pantoprazole for Injection WHO GMP/USDMF
Enzyme Papain  USP GMP/USDMF
Analgesic Paracetamol  IP / BP / USP GMP/USDMF
Enzyme Pepsin GMP/USDMF
Anti-Inflammatory Phenylbutazone Calcium USP GMP/USDMF
Vasoconstrictor Phenylepherine HCL  IP / BP / USP CEP/EUGMP
Spasmolytic agent Pinaverium Bromide BP / USP DMF
Anti-Hypertensive Prazosin IP / BP DMF
Anti-Inflammatory Prednisolone  IP / USP GMP
Anti-Convulsant Pregabalin IP / BP / USP USDMF/EDMF/JDMF/CEP
Anti-Hypertensive Prophanalol HCL IP / USP
Prokinetic Agent Prucalopride Succinate USP DMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Psychotic Quetiapine fumarate  USP / IP GMP
Anti-Psychotic Quetiapine Hemifumarate  IP / USP USDMF
Anti-Ulcer Rabeprazole Sodium  IP / BP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Ulcer Rabeprazole Sodium for Injection WHO GMP/USDMF
Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator Raloxifene HCL IP / USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Ulcer RanitIdine  IP / BP / USP WHO GMP/USFDA
Anti-Anginals Ranolazine USP WHO GMP
Nutraceuticals Riboflavin 5-Phosphate Sodium USP / BP USDMF/CEP
Anti-Psychotic Risperidone  IP / BP / USP GMP
Anti-Viral Ritonavir  USP DMF
Anti-Coagulant Rivaroxaban  IP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Anti-Lipemic Rosuvastatin calcium  IP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Capillary stabilizing agent Rutoside DMF/CEP
Anti-Hypertensive S Amlodipine Besylate  USP DMF-O
Anti-Diarrheal Saccharomyces Boulardii GMP/USDMF
Anti-Asthmatic Salbutamol Sulphate   USP EDMF/CEP
Anti-Inflammatory Salsalate IP / USP DMF
Anti-Retroviral Saquinavir Mesylate USP DMF
Anti-Diabetic Saxagliptin HCL IP / USP USFDA/WHO GMP
Enzyme Serratiopeptidase Granules GMP/USDMF
Enzyme Serratiopeptidase Powder GMP/USDMF
Anti-Depressant Sertraline  IP / USP WHO CMP/KFDA
Hypophosphatemic agent Sevelamer HCl IP / USP USDMF
Erectile Dysfunction Sildenafil Citrate  IP / BP / USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Biotic Silver Sulphadiazine USP WHO GMP
Anti-Diabetic Sitagliptin HCL  USP DMF
Anti-Biotic Sparfloxacin USP WHO GMP
Anti-Inflammatory Sulfasalzine IP / USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Bacterial Sulphamethaxazole  IP / BP / USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Erectile Dysfunction Tadalafil  IP / USP DMF/CEP
Analgesic Tapentadol HCl   USP DMF
Anti-Hypertensive Telmisartan IP / USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Diabetic Teneligliptin  USP KFDA/GMP/DMF
Anti-Viral Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate  USP DMF
Anti-Fungal Terbinafine HCL  IP / BP / USP DMF-O/EU/CEP
Local Anesthetic Tetracaine HCL  IP / USP USDMF/EDMF
Muscle relaxant Thiocolchicoside DMF/GMP
Muscle relaxant Tolperisone  IP / USP CGMP/DMF/CEP
Anti-Convulsant Topiramate  IP / USP KFDA/GMP/DMF
Analgesic Tramadol HCL  IP / USP CGMP
Anti-Fibrinolytic Tranexamic Acid  IP / BP / USP DMF
Anti-Depressant Trazodone HCL IP / USP DMF
Anti-Acne Tretinoin  IP / USP WHO GMP
Anti-Inflammatory Triamcinolone Acetonide  USP GMP
Anti-Bacterial Trimethoprime USDMF/WHO GMP
Enzyme Trypsyn Chymotrypsyn GMP/USDMF
Anti-Cholestrol Ursodeoxycholic Acid  USP WHO GMP
Skeletal Muscle Relaxant Vacuronium Bromide for Injection WHO GMP/USDMF
Anti-Viral Valacyclovir HCL Monohydrate  USP USDMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Convulsant Valproate Sodium  IP / BP GMP
Anti-Convulsant Valproic Acid  IP / BP GMP
Anti-Hypertensive Valsartan  IP / USP WHO CMP/KFDA
Anti-Biotic Vancomycin HCL Powder for Injection USP WHO GMP/USDMF
Anti-Depressant VenLafaxine HCL USP USDMF
Anti-Hypertensive Verapamil HCL  IP / USP WHO GMP/DMF
Anti-Diabetic Vildagliptin  USP DMF/WHO GMP
Anti-Diabetic Voglibose USDMF/CEP
Anti-Fungal Voricanazole  IP / USP GMP
Anti-Fungal Voricanazole for Infusion WHO GMP/USDMF
Anti-Coagulant Warfarin Sodium   USP USDMF/CEP

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